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Actor Emilio Estevez was only 6 years old when Senator Kennedy was shot, but says he remembers that night vividly. "We were visiting my grandmother in Ohio and my parents were sleeping and I remember hearing the news downstairs on the television and then running upstairs, waking up my father, and telling him that Bobby had been shot. And I just remember him weeping…being so moved and devastated," Emilio says. "It left an imprint."

To honor his fallen hero, Emilio decided to write a film about Senator Kennedy and the night he lost his life. But for seven years, Emilio struggled to make his dream a reality. After writing 30 pages, he started suffering from a paralyzing case of writer's block. For years, when asked what he was working on, Emilio would say a Bobby Kennedy movie—but he felt it was a lie. "I was at a place, [where] I think, emotionally and spiritually I was broken," Emilio says.
FROM: Dreams Come True with Emilio Estevez
Published on November 07, 2006


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