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According to the Seventh Annual Mother's Index, Norway is one of the top spots for moms!

With free healthcare for children seven and under—and paid maternity leave that lasts a year—this Scandanavian paradise makes sure family comes first.

"It's a very family oriented society and the family is very important to the government," says Trine Grung, a mother of two, who calls Oslo, Norway, home.

Along with extended maternity leave—which can be divided between a husband and wife—moms and dads each get 10 days off with pay to take care of their kids if they get sick! Plus, during the first few years, families can get about $100 a month from the government to help pay nanny costs.

If your day care provider falls through? No problem! Trine says it's okay to take the kids to work for a day or two.

Norway also encourages moms to breast-feed, and there are even cafés designed for nursing moms. "We don't flash the boob out in the cafe, but you can be discreet. Everybody does it," she says. And Trine means everybody—99 percent of Norwegian moms breast-feed!
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Published on October 23, 2006