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Will says he has seen positive results in the people who took on his challenge. "When they can eradicate complaining from their lives, they truly become happier," Will says. "It's like if you're not articulating the complaint, if your complaint has nowhere to go, your mind stops creating the complaint."

If you want to know the difference between a comment and a complaint, Will says to pay attention to your feelings about the issue. "If you're putting a lot of energy into it, if you want it changed, you're complaining," he says.

The challenge has exploded in popularity, and according to Will, 1.3 million people in 80 countries have requested the purple bracelets. "This is our gift to the world," he says. "We're not out to raise money. We want to raise consciousness."

When Oprah hears about Will's complaint-free challenge, she has someone in mind—her makeup artist Reggie. "[He complains] all day long. He complains that I'm not sitting still enough. He complains that I didn't bring the [false] eyelashes," Oprah says. Reggie says he'll take on the challenge! "I'm going to try. I really am, because I'm a complainer," he says.
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Published on March 27, 2007


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