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Valerie and Kelly decided to use their Pay It Forward Challenge money to help baby Joshua's family pay for his medical care. But as one phone call turned into many, the pair realized they could do so much more!

Through overwhelming contributions, Valerie and Kelly arranged for Joshua to be treated at a Shriner's Hospital in the United States. Then they met prosthetic limbs expert Greg Greenway, who gave them great news. "Greg said there was absolutely no question that he could walk, but that we had to start as soon as possible," Gillian says.

Greg arranges for Joshua to get a tiny new pair of legs—complete with his very first pair of shoes! Greg says Joshua will have to be fitted for a new pair of legs each year as he grows. "Our hope is to give Joshua something so he can start to establish some standing balance," Greg says. "As he gets that balance and strengthens the core, then he can start to hopefully take some steps."

Gillian is overwhelmed. "Because of Pay It Forward and what these women did, my son was able to sit up and blow out his birthday candles. The future is just burning with possibilities for Joshua now."
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Published on March 27, 2007


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