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Next stop, a place so exclusive it's been off limits to TV cameras for almost 10 years—until today. The fabled Yankee clubhouse opened its doors just for John! One by one, John met the Yankee greats.

"They're my favorite team ever since I can remember," John says. "They're amazing. They have the best players ever. This is like a dream come true even to have them talk to me. Even meeting Derek Jeter. But I mean the whole team? I couldn't even dream of this day."

And to make John feel right at home with the team? Derek cleaned out his own locker space for his ultimate fan.

"Oprah, you've given me Derek Jeter's locker and I can't thank you enough," John says. "It's awesome. It's such a great experience."

Back on the field, John helps Derek warm up for the game. As game time nears, John's friends and family arrive to share in his once-in-a-lifetime Yankee dream come true.
FROM: The Wildest Dreams Bus Hits New York
Published on May 10, 2005


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