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John's big surprise began on Manhattan's famed Fifth Avenue at the luxurious Trump Tower! When Donald Trump heard about John and everything he went through, Donald jumped at the chance to help make his wildest dream come true.

"I know you've got a really cool bus," Donald tells Oprah. "I hear it's special. But you know what? I've got an even cooler helicopter. And today, I'm going to help make a very special delivery to Connecticut. This is going to be an amazing surprise!"

The special delivery? It's none other than baseball superstar and John's hero, New York Yankees shortstop Derek Jeter! Derek takes the Trump helicopter to the Wildest Dreams Bus, which will then take him to surprise John at his high school.

Everyone at John's high school thinks there's going to be a pep rally! But when Derek walks into the gym he's got a special message!

"Oprah told me your story, and you're a remarkable young man. Everyone here should be very proud of how you handled yourself and how you've overcome adversity. And we're here to make your wildest dream come true! So today, you're stuck with me. You're going to fly back with me to Yankee Stadium and you'll be my guest and get a chance to meet all the players and have a good time. It's gonna be a lot of fun!"
FROM: The Wildest Dreams Bus Hits New York
Published on May 10, 2005