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Dedicated Lunch Ladies
Oprah's best friend Gayle King hit the road to serve up some dreams, too! She took the Wildest Dreams Bus to North Laurel Elementary School in Delaware to surprise seven lunch ladies. According to their principal, Dr. Cristy Greaves, they show up early every day for work because they want to serve 520 kids breakfast, in their classrooms! "Our cafeteria ladies are the hardest-working women in school business," Dr. Greaves says. "We love them, because they care enough to give us their best. They work hard every day to ensure every child is a satisfied customer." Well, surprise, ladies! You deserve a break for working so hard. As our Wildest Dreams Bus approaches the school, the principal calls all the pupils into the cafeteria for a special announcement. Meanwhile, Gayle has a tough time gathering Eisele, Grace, Penny, Georgie, Evon, Pat and Carrie, they're so dedicated, they won't leave the kitchen! But they'll have to! Oprah's invited them to Chicago, where they'll be pampered, and transformed from "lunch ladies" to "ladies who lunch!"
FROM: Oprah's Wildest Dreams Bus
Published on November 30, 2004


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