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Struggling Single Mom
For her next mission, Oprah headed to a Starbucks in Chicago, where the employees wrote to us about their special co-worker, Bernadette. Over the past three years, this single mother of three has seen her family triple in size as she came to the rescue of her six nieces and nephews who were placed in state custody.

Bernadette's responsibilities are overwhelming. Without a car, she takes the bus to her job. Every day she hopes to pick up extra hours. Making ends meet has been nearly impossible. The entire family is crammed into a three-bedroom, one-bathroom apartment. Bernadette shares a bed with two of her nieces.

"I'm happy that we're all together, but it just makes me feel sad that I can't do [any] better to accommodate them and make them happier," Bernadette says.

Bernadette is shocked to see Oprah, but she has no idea what else is in store for her and her children!
FROM: Oprah's Wildest Dreams Bus
Published on November 30, 2004


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