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The Role of a Lifetime
It's a dream come true for Paolo just to be on the set of Will & Grace! After a tour of the set, he meets the cast. Even the comedy behind the scenes is nonstop, and everyone makes Paolo feel welcome. But, still, there's a show to rehearse, and a star to be born. Paolo is even given his own dressing room with his name on the door!

In his prime time debut, Paolo plays the role of Mark, an attorney in Will's office. Paolo delivers his line without a hitch and, at the last minute, the producers decide to give Paolo an extra line. Paolo's stellar performance brings down the house. Then, after a long night of taping, two days of rehearsal and a lifetime of waiting comes the moment Paolo's only dreamt of: his Will & Grace curtain call.

The night belonged to Paolo. It was an adventure he will never forget.

"Paolo, you are a special person," says actress Debra Messing, who plays Grace. "Thank you for coming to spend some time with us and to show your light."
FROM: Oprah's Wildest Dreams Bus
Published on November 30, 2004


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