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It's been one of Oprah's wildest dreams for years—to make a film based on one of her favorite books of all time: Their Eyes Were Watching God by Zora Neale Hurston. And she knew there was only one person who could help her bring this dream to life—Oscar® winner Halle Berry!

This film, which takes place in the small town of Eatonville, FL, tells the timeless story of the passionate and beautiful Janie Crawford, played by Halle. Janie takes viewers on her search for love through three marriages to three very different men. Throughout her journey, she defies time and all the expectations of women of color in 1920s America. "One of the reasons I wanted to do it is because I'm all for the empowerment of women, and it's about a woman coming of age and discovering her own identity," Oprah says.

Oprah caught up with Halle on location!

Oprah: Oh my God. Real mud, huh? I didn't expect you to look quite like this, but you're still pretty.

Halle: I got down and dirty!
FROM: Oprah's Wildest Dreams Bus Hits L.A. and New York
Published on March 02, 2005