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Lauren's one and only wish was for a bedroom that made her feel special...and Nate Berkus has not failed! He has transformed her once-gloomy room into a bright, cheerful and special place.

"Oh my gosh, that's perfect!" Lauren exclaims. "My friends are going to be so jealous!"

Lauren's cracked and peeling wooden dresser has been replaced with an organized system by California Closets. Her too-small twin bed is now history—a new full bed by Room Service Home sits in its place. Nate picked beautifully hand-painted nightstands from the same company to go on either side. And monogrammed linens from Horchow dress her new bed.

To keep her room bright, Nate replaced the ceiling fan with a new chandelier. And bye bye baby bookcase and broken TV! Nate's swapped them out for a new shelf and TV/DVD combo! And wow—Apple sent her a new computer!

Nate made sure that Lauren's love for dance was reflected in her new room, with framed prints of acclaimed dancer Martha Graham. And for that last empty space on the wall? Nate has framed a beautiful black-and-white photograph of her three best friends!

"This makeover was not about paint and pillows," Nate says. "It was about making a girl's dream come true."

Today, Lauren's tumor is completely gone and she is 100 percent cancer free.

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FROM: Oprah's Wildest Dreams Bus Hits L.A. and New York
Published on March 02, 2005


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