Dream Jobs
Oprah at the Harpo gym
You never know who—or what—you'll find backstage at Harpo Studios! Oprah takes you behind the scenes to see what her job's really like!

A day in the life of Oprah Winfrey starts bright and early. Oprah arrives at her "dream job" around 6 a.m. to get in a 40-minute workout before the first taping of the day. Then, after breakfast, it's off to the makeup chair. While Andre does Oprah's hair and Reggie applies her makeup, producers have a “pre-show briefing” to walk her through the plan for that day's shows.

Prepped, primped and dressed to the nines, Oprah's ready to start the show! Oprah heads down to the studio to start taping—for this show, it's with Kirstie Alley. Then it's back upstairs for meetings, meetings...and more meetings.