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Taking pictures wasn't Annie's only dream—she also wanted to have children. Annie waited until she was 51 years old to become a mom. "I was 50 and I woke up and I just said, 'It's now or never,'" she says. Annie is now the proud mom of 5-year-old Sarah and 18-month-old twins, Susan and Samuelle.

Some of their best family memories are made at her estate in New York's Hudson Valley. She searched for years to find the perfect gathering place for her large, tight-knit extended family, and a separate stone cottage on the property is her and her children's favorite place.

"I love raising my children. I thought the world was flat before I had my kids, and now it's round," she says. "It is wonderful. All the clichés are true, every single one."

Like any proud parent, Annie takes photos of her children growing up. She displays precious family photographs in her living room, and she does a series of photographs on each of the girls' birthdays.

Annie says she's happy to be an inspiration to older women who think it's too late to start a family. "I don't think anything prepares you for it, but it's the best the time of my life. It really is," Annie says. "You get to grow up all over again."
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Published on November 16, 2006


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