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When Annie Leibovitz was just 23 years old, she landed a job as chief photographer for Rolling Stone magazine. For the past 30 years, Annie has stirred up controversy and captured history with the click of her lens.

Though Annie started out as a painting major at the San Francisco Art Institute, she's now known as one of the most celebrated photographers in America. Her photos have graced the covers of Vanity Fair, Vogue and Rolling Stone, and she's best known for her intimate celebrity portraits.

In the '80s, Annie photographed Demi Moore and Bruce Willis's wedding, and more recently, she captured intimate moments between Katie Holmes, Tom Cruise and their newborn daughter, Suri.

"Whether she's photographing the famous and powerful—or simply the woman next door—Annie always captures something unexpected and deeply personal," Oprah says.

A typical day at the office for Annie is anything but typical. Most days, Annie's dream job takes her to exotic locations. Annie recently photographed actress Kirsten Dunst in Paris's Palace of Versailles for Vogue—it was the first fashion shoot in this famous locale in more than 20 years!
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Published on November 16, 2006


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