Prescription pills
Q: What questions do you ask when checking for pill addiction?

Dr. Oz:
  • Can you go a day without your pills?
  • Are you getting your pills from more than one source?
  • Do you get annoyed when people comment about your drug use?
  • Do you feel guilty about things you have done while using drugs?
The more affirmative responses, the more likely that the person answering is chemically dependent, and further investigation by a clinician is warranted.

Q: Why is this the fastest growing addiction in America?

Dr. Oz: Many times, folks get 50 pills and only need 10, so they want their money back and will sell the extras.

Most prescriptions are written for people who have a true medical need for these drugs, but many households have a drawer filled with old prescription bottles containing leftover drugs. Because prescription drugs have medical uses, teens often believe they are a safe alternative to street drugs.

In some cases, a doctor's prescription isn't even needed. Some countries don't require prescriptions for opioid painkillers or other commonly abused drugs, so they can be obtained from some websites without a prescription.