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Lisa admits that when she first found out she was being sent to Mississippi on special assignment, she was a little disappointed. "I wanted to go see New Orleans," she says. "I hadn't been there since right after the hurricane struck. I didn't know what to expect when I got to Mississippi."

When Lisa arrived, she knew why she had been sent to these coastal communities. "It is so much worse than I ever imagined," Lisa says. "It is truly as though it's just frozen in time."

After Lisa left Mississippi, she says she couldn't stop thinking about women like Linda and Lily and the other survivors she met along the way. "I was haunted, and it was very emotional for me, especially after I got home," she remembers. "It's hard to go back to a normal life knowing that Americans are living this way."

Anderson thinks FEMA is overwhelmed by the challenge ahead. "They have done a lot," he says. "It's not as if they're evil people. They are trying hard. ... But, it is this huge bureaucracy that doesn't seem able to think outside the box ... and [according to officials] they're not ready to cut through red tape to get these trailers in play."
FROM: An Oprah Special Report: The Katrina Stories No One is Telling
Published on February 21, 2006


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