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Not far from "Tent City" are trailer parks full of unused FEMA mobile homes. Sandra, Lisa's guide through Pass Christian, says they've been there since shortly after the storm. "'Tent City' would be able to fit in those trailers," says Lisa.

"With lots of trailers left over," Sandra adds. "That's part of the frustration here. People don't know that these trailers aren't rolling out of there [one] behind the other."

When Lisa and Sandra try to investigate one of the FEMA trailer parks, a security guard at the gate informs them it's a "closed government site." Lisa asks to speak with someone in charge, but she and Sandra are turned away.

"We've just been with hundreds of people who are living in tents, and they're wondering why they can't get trailers," Lisa says. "It's just infuriating."

Lisa continues to search for answers. She says she called FEMA to ask about the empty mobile homes she saw sitting near Pass Christian. "They said, 'Look, we're trying as hard as we can, ... it's not like we just give these trailers and distribute them openly,'" she says. "They're dealing with it on an individual basis."
FROM: An Oprah Special Report: The Katrina Stories No One is Telling
Published on February 21, 2006


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