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Reporting from New Orleans's French Quarter, Anderson meets families who have been living for months in FEMA-provided rooms at the Astor Crowne Plaza Hotel. On February 13, FEMA stopped paying for 12,000 homeless families to stay in hotels and temporary shelters. With no money and no place to call home, many were threatened with eviction.

Ann and her family—including two sons, two daughters-in-law and six grandchildren—have been living in the hotel since October 28. Since they don't receive aid money for food, meals are a particular challenge, Ann says.

In Ann's room six people, including three of her grandchildren, share a cramped space. Everyone sleeps wherever they can. The children play in the hallway or in the room. "It's a crowd but we manage," she says.

When they are forced to leave, Ann says she and her family will have nowhere else to go. They have an apartment waiting, but without plumbing or gas working, it's still days from being ready for them. "I'd better trust God on this one," she says.
FROM: An Oprah Special Report: The Katrina Stories No One is Telling
Published on February 21, 2006


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