Destiny's Child Reunion
Destiny's Child
 They are the world's best-selling female group ever. They've sold over 30 million records worldwide. But three years ago, after two GRAMMYs and a string of hits, this superstar trio took a break, bumming out their millions of fans.

Well, they're back! Beyoncé Knowles, Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams returned to The Oprah Show to talk about the Destiny's Child reunion!

Oprah: How does it feel to be together again on stage in front of millions of people?

Beyoncé: It's so magical. It really is.

Michelle: It's amazing. A lot of people said we wouldn't do it, or [asked] how could we do it after our solo success. We're friends first. We're sisters. And we love each other. We're loyal. I mean, destiny. I could just say so many things.... There's nothing like it. I mean, the energy that you have when it's your sisters on stage with you, you know, you do what you love. It's just something that—it would have been foolish [not to].