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Beyonce's mother, Tina Knowles, is the creative force behind the House of Deréon. She didn't always have access to fabulous fabrics and a team of seamstresses!

In the early years, when Beyoncé and Destiny's Child were first starting out, Tina sewed the girls' costumes by hand and bought the fabric with what little money they could spare.

"Nobody would lend me clothes because [Destiny's Child] wasn't big enough then," Tina says. "When I needed the help, they wouldn't give it to us. Then, after they got the money to buy the clothes, everybody wanted to give us clothes!"

Once Beyoncé and the other members of Destiny's Child started sporting Tina's designs on the red carpet, reporters started asking when Tina's clothing line would be in stores...which got her thinking. Many meetings later, the House of Deréon was born! Beyoncé says she's known for years that her mother was a fashion designer at heart.

"[My mother is] gifted, and it just was natural for us to do this line because this is our life," Beyoncé says. "She's been doing it for years."
FROM: Beyoncé's New Passion and Broadway's The Color Purple
Published on November 11, 2005


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