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When Kim and David were married, she promised to stay with him, for better or for worse...and she intends to make good on her vows. "I am so sorry that this happened for everybody...for him, for me, for our children. But it happened," she says. "I can choose to love him or I can choose to turn away."

Kim has chosen to stay with her husband. She writes to David often and visits him in prison whenever possible. "I loved being married to David...I still love being married to David," she says.

Currently, Kim and her children, whom she says are doing well, live in the house where Samantha and Tessara were killed. "I know a really horrible thing happened right here, but this is my home," she says. "That doesn't erase all the good things that have happened in this house. That's why we want to live here, because this is where they laughed, where they danced, where they played, and we love it here."

The day David killed their daughters, Kim says her husband was ill in a way that people don't understand. "I don't really even think I needed to forgive him because I don't think he controlled what he did that day," she says. "So if he needs my forgiveness, which he's asked [for], he has it. He absolutely has it."
FROM: Dad Kills Twins: The Truth About Depression
Published on November 14, 2006


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