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In past years, Kim says David would stop sleeping when he was dealing with a bout of depression. Doctors prescribed sleep aids, but they didn't seem to help, she says. Then, David would get anxious and start taking anti-anxiety medication. Finally, doctors would prescribe antidepressants.

"Sometime in that whole regiment he would get more depressed," she says. "I [would] think he was going to work, and he would go and drive off. I would say, 'What have you done? I can't get a hold of you on the cell phone.' And he'd say, 'I'm looking for a place to die.'"

Kim remembers her husband saying that, some days, the world was just too dark. Kim says she asked David if he thought the world was too dark for their children and if he'd ever hurt them. He said "no."

If the world was such a dark place for David, Oprah wants to know why he didn't kill himself instead of his daughters. "I had made [suicide] attempts before, and I had promised my wife that I wouldn't kill myself," he says.
FROM: Dad Kills Twins: The Truth About Depression
Published on November 14, 2006


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