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Emmitt says his experience with Dancing with the Stars has changed his life and caused fans of all ages to approach him. "They all have talked about how much they appreciated the things that Cheryl and I brought to the dance floor," he says. No matter where he is, Emmitt finds Dancing fans. He even had a flight attendant ask him for a spin on the dance floor. "It's kind of crazy," he says.

When Emmitt first announced to his NFL teammates that he was going on the show, he admits they didn't have much to say. "Everybody was real quiet until it got to the finals," he says. Then the phone started ringing off the hook! "Calls from Steve Beuerlein. Mike Irvin came to visit. Troy called. Daryl Burke called," he says. "Everybody called with congratulations."

Emmitt has impressed more than just his teammates—he's become a favorite of the judges as well. "I just thought Emmitt was so amazing because he's a big burly manly man and he got out there and got his groove on," Carrie Ann says. "He really made it okay for big guys to dance."
FROM: Oprah Presents Dancing with the Stars Champions
Published on February 21, 2008


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