Easy Chicken Dinners
Cristina Ferrare
Oprah says she loves to cook for Stedman, but she's ready to expand her recipe repertoire. "I cook the same four things over and over," she says.

Oprah's friend Cristina Ferrare is here with some simple dinner ideas anyone can make. "[Cristina is] probably the best cook I've ever met, other than Maya Angelou and my own mother," Oprah says. "She's cooked three Christmas dinners for 80 people, and I was sitting at the table for all of them."

Many busy moms are intimidated by cooking, but Cristina says they don't have to be. "I'm a working mom; I come home at 5 o'clock. I stop at the market and look around and think, 'What am I going to do?' But it's so easy, you don't have to be intimidated. Today's cooking lesson will show you that," she says. "We're going to be cooking two roasted chickens to make three meals for a family of four to save time and money."

Cristina roasted the chickens herself, but she says you can buy them at the store to save money. "I highly recommend that you use my famous marinade," she says. "Thanksgiving is coming up, and if you use this marinade you can have the best turkey!" Plus, it makes a great gravy for mashed potatoes.

Get Cristina's Roasted Chicken recipe!

"The secret is to take the lemon rinds and stuff that into the bird along with some fresh herbs," Cristina says. "It will make all the difference in your turkey, and you can put it on lamb, on fish or on chicken." But don't forget to take the lemon rinds out before you eat it!