Call the White House
To place a call to the White House, dial 202-456-1111. When you call the White House, be polite, as you will be speaking to the switchboard operator who will make a record of all the calls he/she receives. They will then pass the messages along to the President and his staff. Use this sample script...


"My name is [your name], and I am an activist from [city, state]. I am calling today because I am concerned about the situation in Darfur where hundreds of thousands have been killed by a Sudanese government-sponsored genocide since 2003.

President Bush and Secretary Rice have both recently said that the world must act to end genocide in Darfur. They have also said that the primary responsibility to confront the Sudanese government belongs to the United Nations. That confrontation will only be effective, however, if the U.S. and U.N. act together. The U.N. needs strong U.S. leadership to deploy peacekeepers to Darfur. President Bush and Secretary Rice can play tremendously important roles in making that happen."

Please tell the President that I hope he prioritizes ending this genocide by doing everything within his power to get U.N. peacekeepers in Darfur."

Your voice will be heard, and it does make a difference. Thank you!

Print a copy of the sample script. PDF

You will need the free Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the contract. Download it here.


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