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Known for his practical jokes, George has pulled elaborate pranks on some of the biggest stars in Hollywood. He says his crown jewel of jokes was played on his former roommate, actor Richard Kind.

A while ago when they were roommates in Los Angeles, George says he found a hideous painting in a dumpster. George scooped it up, signed it, framed it and then hid it away for more than a year. During this time, George tricked Richard into thinking he was taking art classes. Finally, on Richard's 40th birthday, George presented him the painting as a gift.

For two years, Richard hung his dear friend's painting over his couch…before he finally caught on that the joke was on him!

They say what goes around, comes around, and George got what was coming to him on the set of Ocean's Twelve . George's co-star, Matt Damon , says that Brad Pitt planned the perfect practical joke while they were filming the movie in Italy.

Before shooting began, Brad typed up a fake memo from George, which asked crew members to refer to him by his onscreen name at the time, Mr. Ocean, Danny or Daniel—never George.

George, who was trying to make a good impression with his new Italian countrymen, was dumbfounded by the crew's behavior, until he found out three weeks later that he was being punked!
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Published on October 28, 2005


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