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While filming a scene for another upcoming movie, George says he forgot for a moment that he was 44—not 34—and severely injured his spinal cord. The damage caused George's body to begin losing spinal fluid, which holds the brain in place.

"My brain was sinking," George jokes. "But it's working out fine now!"

George dismisses reports that said he thought of killing himself before surgery. George says that an interview he gave was taken out of context in the media.

In addition to his spinal scare, George's health was also at risk when he packed on 30 pounds in 30 days for an acting role! He says he ate nine meals a day to reach his goal weight.

"[Gaining weight is] sort of like an Olympic event," George says. "You don't look forward to eating. … It wasn't as fun as I thought it might be."

After cutting back on calories and hitting the gym, George is back to his slender, "sexiest man" physique.
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Published on October 28, 2005


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