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Nine years of marriage have taught Faith and Tim one thing—patience.

Faith says it took a few years to figure out how stubborn they both could be. "He's very head strong, and I'm really head strong," she says. "As a woman in any business, I've learned to be that way. So I had to learn to stop talking and listen. It's kind of like with the kids—sometimes you have to know when to pick your fights."

Even superstar couples argue occasionally about household chores. Tim admits he has a few things to learn about cleaning. "I grew up with my mom and my two sisters," he says. "I was the only boy in the house and still am...I never did a lot of cleaning growing up."

Faith says Tim's messy habits have gotten better over the years. He has even promised to start soaking his dirty pots and pans after making late-night snacks!

Tim makes up for his lack of cleaning by being "America's hottest husband," according to the June 2005 issue of Redbook magazine. Faith—and plenty of Tim's female fans—agree!

Faith says she loves the fact that ladies admire her handsome husband, but sometimes things can get a little out of hand. Most of the fans are respectful, she says, but occasionally there's a "flasher" or two!

FROM: Exclusive: Faith Hill and Tim McGraw
Published on February 07, 2006


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