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Before Tim and Faith met, they both received some grandmotherly advice that really came in handy. Tim says his grandmother saw Faith do a television interview about 14 years ago and told him she was the girl he needed to marry.

Faith's granny thought the same about Tim! She liked the way Tim looked, Faith says, and told Faith that he was the guy for her. Years later, Tim and Faith met for the first time at a Nashville radio station. But things didn't heat up until Faith joined Tim's tour as the opening act in 1996.

Sparks flew, and within a year, they were married. Even after nine years of marriage, they're still making beautiful music together!

Around Nashville, Oprah says Faith and Tim are known as "the real deal." What's their secret to staying centered?

"Well, we have three kids," Tim says. "And we want them to know what's real, you know? It's so easy to be in this world that we're in and kind of lose sight of your compass. We don't want that to happen to our children."

Faith says their families and strong upbringings also keep them grounded. "I think [it's] the way that we were both raised," she says. "It really is all about God, it's about family and it's about hard work."

FROM: Exclusive: Faith Hill and Tim McGraw
Published on February 07, 2006