William has been clean for almost a month when he appears on 'Oprah.'

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For William, the fight against using crack cocaine is a recent one—he has only been clean for three weeks. "I still struggle from day to day," he says. "It's very hard."

Though his attempt to stay clean is only a few weeks old, William says this isn't the first time he has given up drugs. "I know what it's like to be clean. It's something that I actually chase after," he says. At one time, William was able to stay drug-free for two and a half years. He got married, relocated and started a family. For a while, things with his wife and three kids were "great"—until he couldn't resist anymore. "Using actually took my wife from me, in a way," he says.

While William admits that life off drugs feels better, he just couldn't stop. "What I'm trying to do when I use is escape for a minute, escape my reality," he says.
FROM: Addiction: Why Can't They Stop?
Published on April 09, 2007