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Crystal's drug addiction began when she tried crystal methamphetamine at age 20. "After that first time, I swore to myself I would never do it again," she says. "And it didn't happen that way."

Soon, Crystal's entire life became about getting the next big high. "I started off snorting it and the high wasn't good enough, so then I started smoking it. It wasn't good enough. Next thing I know someone introduced a needle to me," she says.

Though Crystal says the high was better when she used the needle, she quickly "blew out" the veins in her arms—so she began injecting the drug into her neck.

In Addicted, Crystal talks on camera about the effect the drug has on her…while shooting up. "People don't understand how we can get addicted to this, but I feel so good right now, better than any sober person has ever felt their whole entire life." Crystal says that at the time she was taking as much as three or four grams of meth per day, putting as much as half a gram into her veins at a time.

At the end of filming, Crystal decided to give up drugs for good. She says she has been clean for more than a year. While seeing herself on film is hard to watch, she hopes her story will have a positive effect for others. "I was doing all this bad. I was tearing my life up, but if I [can] help somebody else out, it [will] be worth it," she says.
FROM: Addiction: Why Can't They Stop?
Published on April 09, 2007


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