Confronting Fears
Debra Messing confronts her fear of public speaking.
Debra Messing's Secret Fear
You know Debra Messing from the hit show Will & Grace but you would never guess her secret fear—public speaking! "I'm fine when I'm pretending like I'm somebody else," admits Debra. "But just going out as Debra and having to entertain is absolutely traumatic for me. And somehow I was wrangled into coming here and facing my fear!"

Debra's challenge: to warm up The Oprah Winfrey Show audience—without a script—for 20 minutes! "My hands are literally shaking. I might have some nervous laughter. I might pass out. I might vomit. I might start crying."

Although Debra did a lot of laughing and pulled up an audience member for support, she didn't pass out, or vomit, or even cry. She won the audience over and they all got TiVos courtesy of NBC!