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Shane and Sharks
One memorable guest on No Opportunity Wasted was Shane, a passionate scuba diver from Michigan with a big problem: He was scared out of his wits to swim in the ocean! That is, until Phil showed up with a dare to head to the Bahamas and dive into shark-infested waters to conquer his fear once and for all. Six hours and two plane flights later, Shane hooked up with shark expert Stuart Cove who explained that they'd confront Shane's fear by creating a feeding frenzy of around 40 sharks…with Shane sitting in the middle of it!

There were several moments before the dive in which Shane was ready to back out completely. Then he remembered something his father told him. "We never did family vacations because [my mom and dad] always wanted to do it when they retired," Shane says. "My mom died six months before they retired and one thing dad said to me was, 'Live every day like it's your last. Don't wait.'"

With these words on his mind, Shane and Phil sat in the middle of the feeding frenzy for 40 minutes—Shane conquered his fear!

Before his No Opportunity Wasted experience, Shane worked as a high voltage electrician, a dangerous job that he says he hated. But afterward, Shane says he told himself, "'I just dove with sharks. I can do this.' So I quit, and now I'm working with a great company, still as an electrician, but I don't do the high voltage [work] anymore. … I look forward, for the first time in my life, to going to work." Shane not only took this opportunity to conquer his fears, but to change his life.
FROM: The Biggest Dares in the World
Published on February 02, 2005


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