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Ben and Genevieve Trade Spaces
On TLC's Trading Spaces, interior designer Genevieve Gorder often asks people to step out of their lives. What will happen when she trades her life with Ben, a 19-year-old fish market laborer?

Ben traveled 3,000 miles from his home in Seattle to step into Gen's life in New York City, having to cook Gen's signature dish—Vietnamese shrimp—for her friends, get a workout from Genevieve's personal trainer, go gown shopping and redesign Genevieve's friend's bedroom.

Meanwhile, Genevieve put her New York life on hold and took on Ben's Seattle existence: rising at the crack of dawn to get her hands on some octopus heads in the city's famed fish market, riding BMX bikes and surviving Ben's unwashed bed sheets!

Ben says that being Genevieve is tiring. "The most difficult [thing] for me was just being on the go all the time," Ben says. "I didn't have any time to do anything. Her life's, like, 'Go, go, go!' All I do is work and then hang out."

Gen says this experience produced "mixed emotions." "It was turbulent," says Gen. "But it's good to be out of your box."
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Published on February 02, 2005