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Teacher for a Day
We also learned that Debra was up for another real, step-out-of-your-box challenge: she wanted to teach a kindergarten class. So we sent this new mommy to the Horace Mann Elementary School in California to play teacher for the day.

"I love children," says Debra. "I was actually a nanny part time to put myself through graduate school to pay expenses. I was a very good student and I loved my teachers. And I just thought it would be a great opportunity to just take a step in their shoes and to see what it's like."

At first, Debra seems like a natural in her new role. Then, just when she thinks she has it under control, Debra declares "arts and crafts time!" Soon, Ms. Messing is making a mess! "It's a little overwhelming. I'm a little harried," she says. "Oh my gosh. I'm fired—I'm firing myself. I mean, look what I've done to this classroom! They're never going to forgive me."
FROM: The Biggest Dares in the World
Published on February 02, 2005


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