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Krista's secret life is hidden behind the red brick façade of a four-bedroom house on a tidy suburban street. Her living room is piled high and used as storage, and two brand new sofas are covered with clothes. Her formal dining room table is completely covered. What was supposed to be the family's game room has been taken over by junk.

"I can't live like this anymore," Krista says. "I can't get rid of stuff. I'm trying. I don't understand it. And it's so frustrating. I just want to be normal. There are so many days, Oprah, I don't even get out of bed. It's so overwhelming."

Krista's children are embarrassed, her friends have abandoned her and her marriage is about to fall apart. "It's almost like I've created a cocoon that the things surrounding me make me feel safe," she explains. "If my husband went and got a dumpster and I came home to an empty house, I honestly would probably kill myself. It's that deep."

Krista knows if she doesn't get help, her life, like her house, will remain in shambles.
FROM: Inside the Secret Lives of Hoarders
Published on May 06, 2005


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