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Alice, a mother of three, was living the same double life as 23 million other Americans—including the rich and famous—until she finally hit rock bottom.

An addictive, compulsive shoplifter for more than five years, Alice would use every opportunity to get the high shoplifting brought her. Stealing mostly toys, videos and food items, she learned the security systems at Walmart, Target and some of the grocery stores in her neighborhood. Only after she was finally arrested did Alice face her life of shame and secrecy. She says her biggest fear is that the urge and temptation to shoplift will never go away.

"It's hard to tell people about this," said Alice. "I fear that people will think I'm not the person they know, that I'm not the compassionate, fun-loving person that I am. But I'm willing to tell my story, because I want to get the message out that you don't have to live in shame and secrecy."
FROM: Living a Secret Life
Published on September 21, 2004


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