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Making New York Sweeter
America got a whole lot sweeter when Dylan's Candy Bar opened its flagship store in Manhattan in 2001. The colorful, fanciful store serves 5,000 treats, including old-school favorites like Pixie Stix and Bazooka bubble gum.

Dylan's Candy Bar was created by Dylan Lauren, the daughter of iconic American fashion designer Ralph Lauren. Dylan says she discovered her passion for sweets as a child, when she loved to hang out at the corner candy shop.

"I loved candy my whole life," Dylan says. "I saw Willie Wonka [and the Chocolate Factory] when I was 6, and I just loved the set design and the lollipop trees and the candy cane columns. When we did Dylan's Candy Bar, we wanted it to be this crazy, fun candy land for kids and the kid in the adult."

Dylan says there's a lot more to Dylan's candy bar than just candy. "It's three levels of candy, and candy from around the world. Candy gift baskets. Candy apparel. Candy pajamas," Dylan says. "There's candy rain boots. There's candy pillows. Candy umbrellas. Candy bags. Candy jewelry. It's really anything for anyone, even if you don't want to eat candy or you just love the colors."
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Published on January 23, 2008


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