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Paul Anka's Kodak Moment
Back in the day, commercials didn't rely on special effects and splashy sets to sell products. One Kodak ad from the '70s brings back fond memories with the simple question, "Do you remember the times of your life?"

This classic commercial features music legend Paul Anka singing a song he helped pen for the company. Over the years, Paul has written more than 900 songs, including "My Way," the hit made famous by Frank Sinatra, and the Tonight Show theme song!

"That was written for Johnny [Carson]," Paul says. "I ran into him in New York, and he said, 'Well, there's this show I'm going to do, Paul. I think I'll do it for a couple of years, and I want to change a few things.' So I wrote this and sent it to him, and he called me back and said, 'I love it. It's simple, and we'll do it.'"

Paul says he calls that catchy tune his "school" song. "I put my kids through school on that," he says. "Five girls, folks."

This '60s teen idol isn't handing over the microphone just yet. His latest release, Classic Songs: My Way, is in stores now.
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Published on January 23, 2008


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