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Although Carrie and Erin are both stay-at-home moms living in the Chicago area, they live worlds apart. Carrie and her husband, Jerry, are working class parents who live with their two sons (left) in Cicero, Illinois. Due to the high cost of daycare, Carrie stays home to take care of the kids while Jerry works more than 60 hours a week between two jobs. Their neighborhood is largely made up of factories and elderly residents. Carrie says gangs and crime keep her from letting her boys play outside unsupervised.

Erin, her husband, Kip, and their five children (right) are an upper-middle class family who live in the affluent suburb of Naperville, Illinois. Erin stays busy taking care of the kids while Kip works as a managing director of insurance. In her neighborhood, Erin says furniture, cars, engagement rings and well-manicured lawns are all signs of status. She says her neighborhood is a safe place for her kids to play outside and ride bikes unattended.
FROM: What Class Are You? Inside America's Taboo Topic
Published on April 21, 2006


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