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Nicole Buffett is the granddaughter of billionaire investor Warren Buffett—the second-richest man in the world. Warren is particularly known for a lifestyle that is far less flamboyant than his wealth could allow. Although he paid for her education, Nicole says she isn't counting on receiving any more money from her grandfather. "He would never want any of his children or grandchildren to be [born too wealthy]," Nicole says. "He thinks it would kind of rob of us our experience."

Nicole works as an artist and also earns money organizing the house of a wealthy family in San Francisco. "It's a very weird thing to be working for a very wealthy family considering I do come from one of the wealthiest families in America," Nicole says. "And I feel that the family I work for feels a bit of humor around the fact that I am from one of the wealthiest families—a wealthier family than, I believe, they are."

She recognizes that she lives between two classes—she is from a wealthy family but doesn't actually have that wealth. Does she wish she had more money? "I'm at peace with [not having inherited wealth]," she says, "but I do feel that it would be nice to be involved with creating things for others with that money and to be involved in it. I feel completely excluded from it."

FROM: What Class Are You? Inside America's Taboo Topic
Published on April 21, 2006


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