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After making the decision to keep the family together, Trang moved her five siblings from Sacramento to the Berkeley area, where she was enrolled in college. Her parents didn't leave behind a will or life insurance money, so Trang worked two jobs to support her family. All the while, she continued taking a full load of classes at Berkeley.

When she wasn't at work or in class, Trang says she made sure she was very present in her siblings' lives. She even found a way to drive them to school every morning.

At first, Trang says her brothers and sisters had a hard time accepting her as the head of the household, but these days her success speaks for itself. Four of her five siblings are now in college, and Trang will graduate soon and pursue a career in banking.

Trang and her siblings are living their parents' dream, but three years later, their parents' case remains unsolved.
FROM: Childhood Interrupted
Published on October 20, 2006


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