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The limo finally comes to a stop, and Debbe has no clue where she is. As the door opens, Debbe gets a big surprise when she sees Oprah's face! Hundreds of people whose lives have been touched by Project Cuddle have gathered at Disneyland to thank her. "We brought you here to say, 'Cheers to you,' because we wanted to applaud all the truly amazing miracles you've created for families," Oprah says.

Some of the families want to tell Debbe thank you for everything she has done for them. "How do you describe somebody who makes impossible dreams come true?" says Quinn, an adoptive mother helped by Debbe. "If it weren't for Debbe, there would be a lot of desperate birth families out there and a lot of very empty adoptive families."

The very first baby Debbe helped, Sabrina, is now 10 years old. "Thank you for helping us, bringing us together, helping our dreams come true," says Kia, Sabrina's adoptive mother. Another family eager to honor Debbe is much newer—Patrick and Jennifer just adopted their baby, Grace. "I just wanted to thank you for giving us the blessing of a daughter and for making us a family," Jennifer says. "This is a dream come true."

As part of the celebration of Debbe's hard work, Disney treats her and all the families she has helped to a day of fun at Disneyland, guided by Mickey, Minnie and their friends!
FROM: A Cheers to You Extravaganza!
Published on January 01, 2006


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