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Ronn, who says he sometimes watches the DVDs after the kids have gone to bed just to see his wife, says he's looking forward to having Cheyenne come home. "I'm treading water till Mom gets home," he says. "I think we've missed Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, all of our birthdays, anniversaries…so it's been a long deployment. It's been tough, but we've been all right."

The kids also have big plans for their mom when they finally see her. "I'm going to hug her and then tickle her," Christian says.

Thanks to a special surprise, this family won't have to wait much longer! "Kaitlyn, Christian, Renee, I have some news for you," Oprah says. "Your mom is going to be home just in time for Mother's Day. Come out, Cheyenne!"

Now that she's home safe and sound, Cheyenne says her kids have grown up so much since she's been gone. "Especially my babies. I'm just…I'm shocked," she says. "It's all still very surreal to me."
FROM: A Cheers to You Extravaganza!
Published on January 01, 2006


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