Cheating Husbands Confess

We first met Burton and Suzy on the show Back from Betrayal. Suzy decided to stay in their 30-year marriage after she discovered Burton had been cheating on her over a period of 15 years with three different women. Suzy explains the difference between forgiving and forgetting.

Suzy: I don't ever want to forget. Remembering the pain that I went through helps me remember the many blessings and lessons that came with it. There is a big difference between forgiving and forgetting. You forgive for yourself. You forgive because you who harbors the anger is suffering much more than the person at whom you're angry.

Oprah: It's interesting that you say that, because I think so many women do want to forget. They want to put it of your mind, move on as though it never happened…and you're saying that you can't really do that.

Suzy: While I was going through the experience, it's so terrible, it's so devastating, I would have swallowed any pill that you could have given me that would have just instantly obliterated this whole thing from my mind. But having been through this whole process and seeing the difference it's made in me and my relationship, I'm grateful for it.