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Of Fred and Linda's situation, Burton says from experience, "The story itself, when you look at it and try to be logical, you would say there is no hope….I believe the reason that we were able to get back together is that Suzy decided that she was going to take care of herself. And when she did that, it made me react, saying that if she's going to take care of herself, I better do something too, or I'm gone. It was really the beginning of this connection, of this relationship to start up again…and to work through the problems….

"If you [each] find a way to take care of yourself, to find love within yourself, peace within yourself, once you get there, you then can come together and find love for each other. It's a long program. It took us years and we work on it every single day. … You find first this feeling inside that you trust yourself. I wouldn't be hung up on whether you trust him or he trusts you, I would be more concerned about trusting yourself. And once you get there where you really trust yourself and you're working together, then there is an opportunity to be a couple and to be in love and to move forward."
FROM: Cheating Husbands Confess
Published on November 01, 2004


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