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Even though Fred has left his mistress, he says it's a work in progress and he's still wrestling with the feelings he has for her. Fred said that under the right circumstances, and if Linda didn't find out, he might cheat again.

"Absolutely no good. There is no marriage if there is no honesty," says Dr. Saltz. "If you are not willing to go do the intense work that it would take to change yourself, whatever it is…doing these risk-taking behaviors, and frankly not being respectful at all to women…. Unless you're willing to look at what drives you to do this, which probably, we see a common theme here, has something to do with fending off depression, anxiety. That's very common when they talk about those addictive feelings. It's a need to push away very negative disturbing feelings by doing repetitive, exciting behaviors. Unless you're willing to look at that and make real changes in yourself, there's no shot here, I'd say."
FROM: Cheating Husbands Confess
Published on November 01, 2004


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