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Fred met Linda when he was still married. "I was not a very loyal husband to my first wife," he said. Linda explained, "He gave me the impression the marriage was on the rocks." So, Linda married him and any concerns she had she pushed aside. They had a baby boy, now 6 years old, but it didn't take very long for Fred to betray Linda, too.

"I had been married to Linda about a year when I met the other woman. We ended up being together that first night…and stayed together for over five years. She was my best friend. She was my lover. She was just a part of me." Fred began blatantly hanging out in bars with his girlfriend, often not coming home until 4 in the morning.

Just months ago, Linda discovered that her husband had been cheating for most of their seven years of marriage. "I never had a clue," Linda says. "I guess I should have known then, but I trusted him." She hasn't kicked him out yet. Can their marriage be saved?
FROM: Cheating Husbands Confess
Published on November 01, 2004