Cat Cora's Secrets for Grocery-Shopping on the Cheap
Couple looks at grocery list
When it comes to feeding your family, every penny counts. Learn how to save at the grocery store with advice from Iron Chef's Cat Cora and Take Home Chef's Curtis Stone.

Have a Plan
Make a list before you head to the store. Cat says people spend 50 percent more than they need to when shopping without one.
Produce shopping
Know Your Produce
Buying fresh doesn't have to cost a lot of money. When looking at produce, Cat says to look at what's on sale—and what's in season.

Find out what's in season right now.

Also, look for locally grown products. That means they're fresher and, in most cases, less expensive.
Woman buying bananas
Buy Only What You Need
You don't have to buy the whole bunch of bananas, Cat says. Don't be afraid to break off what you won't eat.
Finding the best lettuce
Know the Rotation
When looking for produce like bags of lettuce, Cat says to remember this rule: The oldest leaves are always in the front, the freshest in the back. Stores always put the items closest to expiration where you're more likely to grab and go.
Whole chicken
Cheaper Chicken
Cat says buying an entire chicken is more economical than buying prepackaged drumsticks, breasts or thighs.
Homemade tortilla chips
Snack Substitutes
Instead of buying a bag of tortilla chips, Curtis says to buy a pack of flour or corn tortillas for 99 cents, tear off some pieces and throw them in the oven for an inexpensive alternative.
Grating a block of cheese
Buy the Block
If a recipe calls for cheese, Curtis says you can save money by buying a block of cheese and grating it yourself.
Tilapia with lime wedges
Shop the Sales
Have a salmon dish in mind? Curtis says to look for alternatives for the main ingredients. For example, tilapia could be a less expensive—but just as tasty—option.
Looking through the meat department
Scour the Meat Department
As the sell-by date approaches, Curtis says many meats get reduced in price. Since you're cooking fresh anyway, take advantage of the great deals!

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