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Because Charlotte's Web received the go-ahead to start filming during the dead of winter in America, the cast and crew packed up and headed Down Under to shoot in Melbourne, Australia, where they thought they would be able to capture the change in seasons.

After they arrived, however, the production endured the worst storm Melbourne had seen in 156 years. Flooding and an unexpected cold snap forced set designers to attach thousands of delicate green silk leaves to the suddenly bare trees.

Working with so many real animals was no trip to the zoo, either. The geese despised the other animals and kept biting the cows and sheep. All of their scenes had to be shot separately, sometimes with stand-in puppets. And it wasn't just the animals cast in the movie causing headaches. Wild snakes made their way into the barn and had to be rooted out every morning. Even the animated animals were a challenge.

In fact, one particular scene from Charlotte's Web took an amazing 41 days to complete.
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Published on November 28, 2006


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